Flat-Icon Generator

Create an Android-style flat icon from a given image file. Works with most common image formats, though optimized for high-quality PNGs.


The bellow examples are created from png, gif, font_icon and svg files.

How it works?

Flat-Icon Generator uses HTML5 Canvas to draw a shadow of a given opacity at a given angle for the source icon. Set the background to any color in a square or circular shape. It supports any file types, even .svg file format. Why don't you give it a try?

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HernyOne...?! It's in the name!

HernyOne is a SINGLE (one) file containing the source and the content of the website as well as the administration. Imagine, you have an HTML site - a manual, a frontpage, a linklist or something like that - and you want to edit this page without any external editor. Then HernyOne is perfect for you. HernyOne is HTML page and content in one file.

The features

  • Easy login.
  • Edit your content easily with TinyMCE.
  • The latest Bootstrap 4.
  • No database at all.
  • Import and Export HTML files.
  • Just a few hundred lines of code.
  • Simple, clean layout.
  • No install.
  • Documentation
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Hernyo Mini, a simple CMS.

This simple CMS allows you to edit content within an HTML and/or PHP pages with comment tags. If you have a favourite template that you want to use as your own (edit it with a few comment tags), just upload it to the server, upload Hernyo Mini and edit the template. That's all to it! Comment Tags specify what area of the content is editable. Just add tags to the area you want to edit.

The features

  • Easily create new files and use includes as well
  • Login is encripted from hackers
  • Random password with ecription is generated, if wanted to change
  • Built in Bootstrap 4.0 and TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor
  • The latest integrated WYSIWYG Editor can also handle images!
  • Uses TinyMCE's built-in image list for easy image insersion
  • Documentation included
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An advanced CMS

Hernyo CMS is a very flexible CMS that can be easily used as a skeleton to build up a project from. A FLAT-File system and the size of an image. User friendly, secure, lightweight and fast. No Database makes Hernyo CMS is simple, worry free and easy to transfer between servers.

The features

  • Easily create new pages using Markdow with Preview
  • Login is encripted from hackers with 21 bit agorithm
  • Can easily change password at any time
  • Built-in Bootstrap 4.0 and Markdown Editor
  • File manager with easy upload
  • Tag, slug and page description settings
  • Documentation included
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The simplest/easiest Blog

Hernyo Blog is a simple blogging software that has everything you need for a blog and you can run on any domain.

The features

  • No login needed. Just use your password each time you edit a page.
  • Stores all data in one text file. No database!
  • Easy to write, edit, and delete posts. Easy to change CSS, footer, header, etc.
  • Just a few hundred lines of code. Easy to extend and modify.
  • Simple, clean layout. Easy to change CSS.
  • Easily change the layout or add analytics, etc.
  • Easy 1 file install.
  • No clutter! No comments, etc., (but you can add them easily using disqus or intense debate)
  • Easy to add real time stats.
  • Documentation included
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Master CMS

An Embeddable, lightweight, simple PHP CMS. Website "add-on" style integration. Retains the most important features of a modern day CMS. No database is required and a fast flat-file storage is used as default.

The features

  • Easy Login
  • Beautiful UI design
  • File manager with easy upload
  • Edit content and page titles
  • Very simple user interface
  • Multi-language support
  • Documentation
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