Hernyo Mini install!

  • Just upload the product to your server, unzip it and by going to you domain access your website and you're ready to go.
  • That's all to it!!!
  • To change the password and username, after login goto Password Page get your new password. The default password and username is admin and demo123.

What is Hernyo Mini?

This simple CMS allows you to edit content within an HTML and/or PHP pages with comment tags. If you have a favourite template that you want to use as your own (edit it with a few comment tags), just upload it to the server, then upload HernyoMini and start editing your template/website. That's all to it!

Comment tags with Hernyo Mini?

Comment Tags specify what area of the content is editable.  You add the tags
<!-- HERNYO-END -->
to the area you want to be editable. That's all to it!

Example: sample


  • Easily create new files and use includes as well
  • Login is encripted from hackers
  • Random password with ecription is generated, if wanted to change
  • Built in Bootstrap 4.0 and TinyMCE¬†WYSIWYG Editor
  • The latest integrated WYSIWYG Editor can also handle images!
  • Uses TinyMCE's built-in image list for easy image insersion

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