Tiny Board Documentation

This documentation may include Installation, Breaf Information, Features and more...

What is Tiny Board?

A Flat-File system that's one of the fastest and most convenient little forum script of all times. User manager and board manager modules to easily control the CMS.


To install Hernyo Tiny Board on your website, you just need to unzip the download and copy the files to your preferred location on your server. Point to your domain and finish the Installation by filling out the form and pressing Install. (you can always change the user credentials to anything you prefer)

What are the features?

  • Simple installer, fill in the form and press Install
  • Easily create posts and topics using advanced BB Code system
  • Reply is with advanced BB Code as well
  • Login and registration encripted and admin validates users.
  • Can easily change password at any time
  • Avatar manager with easy upload
  • Beautiful, yet simple UI
  • Documentation included