Small Cart Documentation

This documentation may include Installation, Breaf Information, Features and more...

What is Small Cart?

It is a simple script, with PayPal integration; to run an online store selling any products.


To install Hernyo Small Cart on your website, you just need to unzip and copy the files to your preferred folder. The administration panel will be available on - [your installation folder]/admin and the default username and password will be:

  • username: hernyo
  • password: demo123
(after you log in, you can change them to anything you prefer)

What are the features?

  • Easy login.
  • Easy user and password change.
  • Edit your content easily.
  • A nice Bootstrap 4 theme.
  • No database at all.
  • Image manager.
  • Simple, clean layout.
  • Works great under loads (so far).
  • No install.