HernyOne Documentation

This documentation may include Installation, Breaf Information, Features and more...

What is HernyOne?

HernyOne is a single file containing the source and the content of the website as well as the administration.

Imagine, you have an HTML site - a manual, a frontpage, a linklist or something like that - and you want to edit this page without any external editor. Then HernyOne is perfect for you.

HernyOne is HTML page and content in one file.


To install HernyOne on your website, you just need to unzip the .zip file and copy the files to your server. The administration panel will be available on - [your installation folder]hernyone.php?admin and the default username and password will be:

  • username: hernyo
  • password: demo123

What are the features?

  • Easy login.
  • Edit your content easy with TinyMCE.
  • The latest Bootstrap 4.
  • No database at all.
  • Import and Export HTML files.
  • Just a few hundred lines of code.
  • Simple, clean layout.
  • Works great under loads (so far).
  • No install.