Advanced CMS Documentation

This documentation may include Installation, Breaf Information, Features and more...

What is Advanced CMS?

Hernyo's Advanced CMS is a very flexible CMS that can be easily used as a skeleton to build up a project from. A FLAT-File system and the size of an image. User friendly, secure, lightweight and fast. No Database makes Hernyo CMS is simple, worry free and easy to transfer between servers.


  • Just upload the product to your server, unzip it and by going to you domain access your website and you're ready to go.
  • That's all to it!!!
  • To change the password and username, after login goto Password. The default password and username is admin.

Theming with Advanced CMS?

Themes are located in the

folder and the main template file is the
Variables are placed using the double curly bracket syntax
{{ $variable_name }}
i.e: in order to print the page title you'll use the
{{ $HERNYO['page']['title'] }}
code in the template.

What are the elements of the CMS when theaming?

The elements to be used when theming your website using Hernyo CMS are encapsulated in an array called
, and has the following variables:

Extra config variables in it?

In the
file, you can add more
'key' => 'value'
items to the returned array to access them later on. They will be encapsulated in the parent array

For example, adding the following to the config array:
    'my_var' => 'my_value'
    'user' => 'username', 
    'pass' => 'password' //"password" is replaced with the hash, 
    'db' => 'data.dat', 
    'site_language' => 'en',


    'files_folder' => '../files', 
    'my_var' => 'my_value',);

You can later call it by using the bracket syntax:
{{ $HERNYO['site']['my_var'] }}