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A little bit of information to get to know us.

Who we are

There is not that much to tell, really. In spare time we do a bunch of coding and then provide them to the public. Everything we do is standard to all other programming and designing, except we don't use database for our scripts, but Flat-file system.

What is a Flat-File System?

A flat file is a container that can be created, opened, read serially, overwritten, truncated, and closed. It’s contents can be any kind of data whatsoever, from random bits to lines of text to complex structures like trees or dictionaries.

The important characteristic of flat files is that the application accessing them is completely responsible for knowing what structure, if any, exists within them — and for preserving the integrity of that structure during updates. Typically, when the data is structured, the application must read it into memory structures (known as deserialization), work on it in memory, and then flatten the structures back out into the flat file (known as serialization).

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